One Mother, One Daughter, One Dream

Clear Light Photography

We capture beautiful photos that your friends would be jealous of…

In 2012 a dream became a reality and Clear Light Photography was created.

In 2015 Sam and her family moved to Melbourne and the Melbourne studio was opened.

Sam specialises in children, families and weddings.

Angela is based in Auckland and specialises in older children, families and weddings .

It's our passion at Clear Light Photography to capture memories, to perfectly preserve them in images so beautiful, that we know you'll be thrilled to own them and proud to have them adorn the walls of your home for years to come.

The idea of posing for photos can be daunting, but we make every session fun and relaxed so you and your loved ones will come away feeling like you've just had a fun day out...no awkwardness involved, promise!

Either on-location, or in studio, don't wait for an occasion that may never come, let us capture photos you will treasure forever - today.

Email clearlightphotography@yahoo.co.nz