What will I wear to my photo shoot ??

One of the most common worries ladies have about having a photo shoot is, “What will I wear?”

Here are a few pointers for you :


Start by looking in your wardrobe for the items that you would choose when you want to feel (and look) your absolute best. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of jeans, or a cocktail dress, whatever makes you feel fabulous.

Or, do you have a leather jacket, a vintage dress or shirt that you like but have never worn… shoes that you just love. Bring it all along, you will be amazed how we can incorporate them into your photos.

But don’t stress about it.  If you feel lost, just bring one bra/panty set, one bodysuit. Choose colours that are your favourite colours . Have fun with it!

We DO keep a range of clothing and jewellery in the studio wardrobe for you to choose from. But you will need to bring your own lingerie.. 

If you’re unsure about where to get your lingerie from here are some retail options for you":

Bendon Outlet Stores

Rose and Thorn Outlet Store in Drury

Postie Plus



Every woman should have beautiful photos

Every woman deserves to be pampered and to have her own beautiful photos.

As women, we put everyone before ourselves, we are so busy with our family life juggling work, household chores and children that we forget about ourselves.

We continually tell ourselves that ‘we don’t have time’ or that ‘we will wait until we have lost a few more pounds’. There is no best time, time is not something that you can ever get back. The best time is now.

Our boudoir/glamour sessions are for you… To Celebrate you. The mum, the grandmother, the aunty. You will be pampered with hair and makeup and have a photo session that will make you feel good about yourself, to feel playful and young again. You will leave having had a fun few hours where you relaxed and felt totally at ease.


Older families do matter...

It would appear that no one seems to care about photographing older families.

When older families are photographed it seems to only be at special events, or family gatherings.  

It seems that the world only cares about families when they are young.

When you're a young family you are just starting to understand each other, and are establishing a bond with each other. Your kids all look so cute and you love how they all play with each other, creating a bond and getting to know each other.

When families are older... the bond doesn't go away, in fact it is stronger because of the experiences the family has had together.

Older families may not see each other on a regular basis but that does not mean that they don’t care. That family bond never goes away.

That’s why it is important to get family photos of your kids even when they are older. Especially in the world as it is today, where family members are working and living overseas.

When your family are all together make a point of booking in a photo session to get updated photos of you all…



Here's some tips for photographing your kids...

Do you still have the camera your were given at Christmas sitting in it's box?

Are you unsure about the best way to take photo of your kids whatever their age? 

Well here are a few tips for you when it comes to posing...





IMG_5536 copy.jpg



5) DON'T FORGET TO GET THEM TO SMILE  ..  Tell them a funny word that will make them smile or laugh




Have fun and remember it's about capturing moments that will become great memories.

Get Your Photos Printed...


Do you have photos displayed on your wall or in albums that your family can look at, talk about and remember that occasion when the photos were taken? Or are they all on a USB tucked away in a drawer somewhere?

Because technology is changing so fast, before we know where we are those USBs will be obsolete and your photos will be lost with no way of getting them printed.

And did you know that children seeing photos of themselves and their family is a great boost to their self-esteem , it builds their confidence when they see themselves as part of a family unit. It gives them a real sense of family pride and connection. There is nothing better than that connection they feel when they hear the stories related to your photos.

Without sounding morbid, have you thought about what photos will be displayed at your funeral or will your family be scrambling around looking for photos of you and stressing because they can’t get your precious photos off the USB sticks tucked away in that drawer.

It doesn’t matter if you get them done through us,  at Harvey Norman, Stationery Warehouse or Big W, just get them printed. And if you can get them printed on high quality archival paper that is even better, as this means the photos will last for decades. 

Your family deserves beautiful photographs , something tangible that they can talk about  with their children and remember those special times that you all shared. 


Children, Family and Wedding Photography

Clear Light Photography

Children, Family and Wedding Photographers








What we love to photograph.....

Every now and then we get asked what our favourite type of photography is.

We find something we love in every session we do. But if we had to give one particular type it would be photographing children.

Tweens and teenagers, we love this age group, they have or are getting a real sense of independence, and developing their own style.

They love silly crazy photos and also the model type photos. Add in some props, together with their personality and we always get great photos.

Pre-school upwards are normally very shy and reserved when they arrive to their shoot, but by the time we are finished they are usually very excited and have had a great time.   They love to dress up, talk about their favourite things and ask lots of questions. Getting mum involved with lots of silly gestures and favourite sayings usually gives me lots of giggly, smiley photos.



Why should we get our family photos taken?

If you have a family, most likely you’ve done it. You look at your kids and say to yourself, wow, they’re getting so big. Where has the time gone? We should have a family portrait taken before they move out. Then the next milestone comes and goes and then the next and another and you still haven’t done it.

Here are five reasons why you should have family photos taken (professionally):

  1. Because our families grow and change so fast, in just a few months they can look so different, and before we know it they will have all left home and be off doing their own thing.
  2. It is time to get the whole family in the photos. In this ‘selfie’ world it is so easy to take a selfie of everyone looking up, but how many wide angle photos with the camera held above your head do you want? The other option is to have someone take a photo and then they’re not in it.
  3. To see the smile on your children’s faces when they see themselves in a printed image hanging on a wall is priceless.
  4. To boost your children’s self-esteem. It is important for children to see themselves as part of your family unit. This creates a sense of pride for them.
  5. There is nothing better than being able to gift a family portrait to grandparents. They will appreciate having these memories. Your grandkids will also always have a piece of history of who you are today.