Older families do matter...

It would appear that no one seems to care about photographing older families.

When older families are photographed it seems to only be at special events, or family gatherings.  

It seems that the world only cares about families when they are young.

When you're a young family you are just starting to understand each other, and are establishing a bond with each other. Your kids all look so cute and you love how they all play with each other, creating a bond and getting to know each other.

When families are older... the bond doesn't go away, in fact it is stronger because of the experiences the family has had together.

Older families may not see each other on a regular basis but that does not mean that they don’t care. That family bond never goes away.

That’s why it is important to get family photos of your kids even when they are older. Especially in the world as it is today, where family members are working and living overseas.

When your family are all together make a point of booking in a photo session to get updated photos of you all…