Why should we get our family photos taken?

If you have a family, most likely you’ve done it. You look at your kids and say to yourself, wow, they’re getting so big. Where has the time gone? We should have a family portrait taken before they move out. Then the next milestone comes and goes and then the next and another and you still haven’t done it.

Here are five reasons why you should have family photos taken (professionally):

  1. Because our families grow and change so fast, in just a few months they can look so different, and before we know it they will have all left home and be off doing their own thing.
  2. It is time to get the whole family in the photos. In this ‘selfie’ world it is so easy to take a selfie of everyone looking up, but how many wide angle photos with the camera held above your head do you want? The other option is to have someone take a photo and then they’re not in it.
  3. To see the smile on your children’s faces when they see themselves in a printed image hanging on a wall is priceless.
  4. To boost your children’s self-esteem. It is important for children to see themselves as part of your family unit. This creates a sense of pride for them.
  5. There is nothing better than being able to gift a family portrait to grandparents. They will appreciate having these memories. Your grandkids will also always have a piece of history of who you are today.