What will I wear to my photo shoot ??

One of the most common worries ladies have about having a photo shoot is, “What will I wear?”

Here are a few pointers for you :


Start by looking in your wardrobe for the items that you would choose when you want to feel (and look) your absolute best. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of jeans, or a cocktail dress, whatever makes you feel fabulous.

Or, do you have a leather jacket, a vintage dress or shirt that you like but have never worn… shoes that you just love. Bring it all along, you will be amazed how we can incorporate them into your photos.

But don’t stress about it.  If you feel lost, just bring one bra/panty set, one bodysuit. Choose colours that are your favourite colours . Have fun with it!

We DO keep a range of clothing and jewellery in the studio wardrobe for you to choose from. But you will need to bring your own lingerie.. 

If you’re unsure about where to get your lingerie from here are some retail options for you":

Bendon Outlet Stores

Rose and Thorn Outlet Store in Drury

Postie Plus